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Book Review – The Ashen Levels: Journeyman, by C.F. Welburn

Rating: ★★★★✪ (4.5/5) Genre: Fantasy Amazon Website Facebook       About Continuing where Fledgling left off, Journeyman puts us straight back in the boots of Balagir, who has once more undertaken a perilous journey. Set largely on and around the ship known as the Spite Spear, Balagir continues to weave his way around those who… Continue reading Book Review – The Ashen Levels: Journeyman, by C.F. Welburn

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The Route to Self-Publishing

Earlier this year I finished the manuscript for Dawn of Eternity, and aside from editing and formatting, there wasn't a lot left over that needed to be tidied up. There was, however, still the question of how all of this would be manifested; how do I bring it to the world, and be successful? The… Continue reading The Route to Self-Publishing

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The Importance Of Flow

'Being in the zone' is something I believe we are all familiar with, be it in regards to writing or even cooking; there is a point when you harmonize with your task at hand, and effort seemingly melts away. So, whilst this certainly applies to our state of being, I think it is also something… Continue reading The Importance Of Flow

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A Write Good Opportunity

So today I found out that I was successful in becoming part of team who are starting a project similar to Blinkist. If the name is new to you as well, the concept is a simple one: render down the contents of book into smaller, more manageable content for people who wish to absorb the… Continue reading A Write Good Opportunity