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Album Review: Cruelty And The Beast: Re-Mistressed

I'd heard about this upcoming release sometime in 2018, and as an eternal fan, I knew immediately that I had to get it. So, there I was, on a sweaty summer evening in 2019; engaging in some toilet activities, when there buzzed a notification on my phone. It was a tweet from the official CoF… Continue reading Album Review: Cruelty And The Beast: Re-Mistressed

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The Gospel of Filth

I've been a complete fan of Cradle of Filth for a very long time, and I discussed why here. So it is only natural I leapt at the opportunity to purchase something limited edition, many years back, and given the current month, feel that it would be appropriate to post some dark, gloomy pictures for… Continue reading The Gospel of Filth

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Inspiration in Sound

Dawn of Eternity: A Soundtrack It's very easy to list the things that inspire us, and I could certainly make reference to a great many things; perhaps grouping them in such a way to break down the list. But, let me ask you: if you make a shopping list, do you feel any connection to… Continue reading Inspiration in Sound