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Album Review: Cradle of Filth- Existence is Futile

It's fair to say I had waited this album with barely contained excitement; Cradle have previously been riding a wave of great new music, and I had no doubt their 13th installment would impress me.  What I perhaps didn't expect, was how. A middle-finger to all the negativity of recent years, Existence is Futile does… Continue reading Album Review: Cradle of Filth- Existence is Futile

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The Ghosts of Those Departed

Though in life we live within the present, We unwittingly nurture, within us, Personalities beyond our reality, And when our friends leave us, We find that part of them actually remains, Waiting to connect with us again, But as our hearts and minds reach out, Expectantly, We find we are just haunted by the ghosts,… Continue reading The Ghosts of Those Departed