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Rose Tainted Glass

Eyes are fixed, Upon another dream, With features beyond belief, And like a scarlet witch, Who upon greater detail, Becomes a haunting shade, It teases and taunts, With the immaterial; the fabric of nightmares too, As reality, now veiled, Is screaming to be seen, And hysteric in the growing dark, For a curse is at… Continue reading Rose Tainted Glass

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Succubi Bride

Of smoke, Which curdles in the light, And mirrors, Who shatter should I look away, Nothing of the Earth Can whip me to a deeper frenzy As your eyes of black, Which ignite with wordless desire My heart that cannot fail, To crave to love, Your form; Metaphysical - a manifested dream, That cradles me… Continue reading Succubi Bride

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The Dream That Almost Was

  There are moments in time When the sun pauses, to bid farewell, On perfect midsummer nights, As cool hawthorn begs me to stay, For just a while longer, and you. Months and years will pass, And all shall return to me; Memories - pollen scented, Of a time when the stars were clear, But… Continue reading The Dream That Almost Was

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In Secret Love

Red velvet Midsummer nights Your body, and my own. Lips are real When form is not; The weight of a soul, with pleasure I drown. Memories of things greater Rival Ivy in green, As you poison my heart, my voice taken. The moment; condensed, To ambrosia; an opus, Where one final breath in parting, leaves… Continue reading In Secret Love