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Character Discussion: The Farothers

The whole world changed...the Farother was just this dark form, some kind of abyss…something evil. I've talked a lot about the characters who are part of the story, but not yet so far about those who oppose them. In DoE we discover that the concept of good and evil is lie, and has been used… Continue reading Character Discussion: The Farothers

Dawn of Eternity, Writing

Character Discussion: Dunarys

So, do Vampires really turn into dust? Not what you think If you have read the other character discussions (or better, the book), you probably know that Dawn of Eternity contains a diverse range of characters, each with unique stories and backgrounds. Dunarys is no exception, especially when he comes from the other side of… Continue reading Character Discussion: Dunarys

Dawn of Eternity, Writing

Character Discussion: Klor

Just as we find proof of this plot, the stars bring us all together at one moment in time, with one purpose. Magick is forever Humanity has always had an affinity for the magickal, whether secretly as a result of religious oppression, or openly through the past civilisations and present occultists. Even people who do… Continue reading Character Discussion: Klor

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Character Discussion: Vladimir

In a way, he felt like one of those stars at night; a distant friend who on this occasion had come to Earth. No darkness without light I'm sure for many of us, the name Vladimir invokes traditional Vampiric ideas and styles, but as an author I like it; it is a strong name that… Continue reading Character Discussion: Vladimir

Dawn of Eternity, Writing

Character Discussion: Tanith

Tanith found beauty in the land around her and a sense of belief in herself when she was alone; if the stars were watching, she liked to think she could watch them too. A dream, yet not Although Dawn of Eternity is written mainly from the perspective of Morgue, it is certainly not like that… Continue reading Character Discussion: Tanith