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Carrot and Stick Released

Some time back I posted about an upcoming card game on Kickstarter, Carrot & Stick. Well, it's finally released and things are good. If you like the idea of having to quickly build innovative stories to succeed, then this is really worth your investment. Carrot and Stick combines a mix of pictures and words to… Continue reading Carrot and Stick Released

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Carrot and Stick

It's always good to support others, because as the saying goes: 'What goes around comes around' So without further adieu, here is my promotional post for the storytelling card game: Carrot and Stick! What's it about? Carrot and Stick is card game that is based around universal concept of storytelling, and brings with it all… Continue reading Carrot and Stick


The Value Of Merit, And Logic Of Advertising

I was inspired to write this post from a friends post and later comment on Instagram. Not only did it prompt a considered response from me, as I felt he was doing himself an injustice, but I've also worked in sales industries, and by extension have some knowledge of the environment. He posts some great… Continue reading The Value Of Merit, And Logic Of Advertising