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The Gothic Embrace

It is a fire that burns cold, Reaching into the soul With claws that scrape and scar, As a harmony of pleasure and pain, Abets one to begin again.   With sorrow Comes beauty, Mixing as does the sun at the end, Whose blood curdles amidst the night; As purple and blue reunite.   A… Continue reading The Gothic Embrace

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In Secret Love

Red velvet Midsummer nights Your body, and my own.   Lips are real When form is not; The weight of a soul, with pleasure I drown.   Memories of things greater Rival Ivy in green, As you poison my heart, my voice taken.   The moment, condensed, To ambrosia; an opus, Where one final breath… Continue reading In Secret Love

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Album Review: Agalloch ‎– The White

Beauty is typically considered a visual thing, for it lies in eyes of the beholder. I would, however, dispute this; and I would do it with Agalloch. This is a band that I cannot remember how I discovered their work, yet I know it has been a cornerstone of my audio pleasure for a long… Continue reading Album Review: Agalloch ‎– The White

Cradle Of Filth ‎– Evermore Darkly...
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Album Review: Evermore Darkly…

It's always interesting to see what others thought of something, when it comes to doing a review, and comparing that to your own perspective. For Evermore Darkly, I really had to think hard about it's criticisms and how I myself felt. "Almost a year since Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, and the filthy Englishmen are back… Continue reading Album Review: Evermore Darkly…