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The Media Ignores Riders

Warning: may contain a rant Sometimes I really feel the vitriolic energy of people who complain about certain media outlets; I understand why they are so vigorously opposed to some of them but not others. I'm honestly not interested in nurturing that mindset within myself, but I can't deny the fact that they so easily… Continue reading The Media Ignores Riders

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Forza Horizon Carried Me Through

Video games have great potential these days, be it by helping people simply relax after work, or improving mental health. Hell, there's even a Tank Mechanic Simulator if you want to get prepared for when the next military flash-point occurs. Yet, as much as I like shooting big guns, this isn't the purpose of this… Continue reading Forza Horizon Carried Me Through

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Will self-driving vehicles be a risk to bikers?

I was recently reading this article in MCN and it got me thinking; is there something more sinister looming on the horizon, portent to us bikers in particular? In summary: "The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that we could see self-driving cars on UK roads by the end of 2021, leading to renewed concerns… Continue reading Will self-driving vehicles be a risk to bikers?

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The Ghosts of Those Departed

Though in life we live within the present, We unwittingly nurture, within us, Personalities beyond our reality, And when our friends leave us, We find that part of them actually remains, Waiting to connect with us again, But as our hearts and minds reach out, Expectantly, We find we are just haunted by the ghosts,… Continue reading The Ghosts of Those Departed

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The Rain Doesn’t Bother Me

We've all heard it - "Don't you get wet?" Which is a weird question, really, because come summertime, sandy coastlines around the world are full of people either dripping in perspiration, or coughing up unwanted seawater as they realise H2O can be a pretty powerful force to reckon with. But Jon, that isn't a fair… Continue reading The Rain Doesn’t Bother Me