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Scenes of Orion

Bright like the sun The serpent twists, Uncertain of it's fate in my hands.   Were each scale a soul To whom it gave a fruit, Then each would be a death To whose who, through faith, were mute.   From the stars this serpent came Ablaze to Earth; "I am all that thou can… Continue reading Scenes of Orion

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Album Review: Agalloch ‎– The White

Beauty is typically considered a visual thing, for it lies in eyes of the beholder. I would, however, dispute this; and I would do it with Agalloch. This is a band that I cannot remember how I discovered their work, yet I know it has been a cornerstone of my audio pleasure for a long… Continue reading Album Review: Agalloch ‎– The White

Cradle Of Filth ‎– Evermore Darkly...
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Album Review: Evermore Darkly…

It's always interesting to see what others thought of something, when it comes to doing a review, and comparing that to your own perspective. For Evermore Darkly, I really had to think hard about it's criticisms and how I myself felt. "Almost a year since Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, and the filthy Englishmen are back… Continue reading Album Review: Evermore Darkly…

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Album Review: Hammer of the Witches

In a lot of ways, Hammer of the Witches is a special album for me. Not only did it mark the end of a time where I had drifted away from music, Cradle included, but it also made me realise why this was something I'll never do again. Listening to the tracks within was like… Continue reading Album Review: Hammer of the Witches