Cradle of Filth: Total Fucking Darkness
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Album Review: Total Fucking Darkness

With my vinyl addiction in full swing, I had previously placed an order something new; something different. As much as I want to complete Cradle of Filth collection, I wanted the next addition to be a little more niche (but still CoF). As I flicked through the pages of results on Discogs, I saw one… Continue reading Album Review: Total Fucking Darkness

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Album Review: Cruelty And The Beast: Re-Mistressed

I'd heard about this upcoming release sometime in 2018, and as an eternal fan, I knew immediately that I had to get it. So, there I was, on a sweaty summer evening in 2019; engaging in some toilet activities, when there buzzed a notification on my phone. It was a tweet from the official CoF… Continue reading Album Review: Cruelty And The Beast: Re-Mistressed