Dawn of Eternity: About

I feel like there’s still a lot for you to learn about Vampirism.

Dawn of Eternity is a story that started a long time ago, and perhaps like the vampire, has an immortal soul that will live forever. It is the story of friends fighting against a true darkness, a tale that seeks to invert the ideas of good and evil, and reconnect with the magick in the world we have forgotten.

Taking inspiration from films such as Van Helsing, Dracula, Underworld and the classic Gothic Fiction pieces of old – questions were asked. Why do we never see the vampire live to greet a new day (or night)? Are they really evil? Who are the real monsters, if not those sent out to kill?

It was from these questions that Dawn of Eternity took shape, though not simply to be a ‘foil’ to the established order. Rather, it is the from the perspective we are never shown; the one we are told is evil, dark and damned. But as you may yourself know, not everything you are told is true, and we must shine a light upon it to find out why.

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