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Album Review: Cradle of Filth- Existence is Futile

It's fair to say I had waited this album with barely contained excitement; Cradle have previously been riding a wave of great new music, and I had no doubt their 13th installment would impress me.  What I perhaps didn't expect, was how. A middle-finger to all the negativity of recent years, Existence is Futile does… Continue reading Album Review: Cradle of Filth- Existence is Futile

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Rose Tainted Glass

Eyes are fixed, Upon another dream, With features beyond belief, And like a scarlet witch, Who upon greater detail, Becomes a haunting shade, It teases and taunts, With the immaterial; the fabric of nightmares too, As reality, now veiled, Is screaming to be seen, And hysteric in the growing dark, For a curse is at… Continue reading Rose Tainted Glass

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The Media Ignores Riders

Warning: may contain a rant Sometimes I really feel the vitriolic energy of people who complain about certain media outlets; I understand why they are so vigorously opposed to some of them but not others. I'm honestly not interested in nurturing that mindset within myself, but I can't deny the fact that they so easily… Continue reading The Media Ignores Riders

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Forza Horizon Carried Me Through

Video games have great potential these days, be it by helping people simply relax after work, or improving mental health. Hell, there's even a Tank Mechanic Simulator if you want to get prepared for when the next military flash-point occurs. Yet, as much as I like shooting big guns, this isn't the purpose of this… Continue reading Forza Horizon Carried Me Through