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Forza Horizon Carried Me Through

Video games have great potential these days, be it by helping people simply relax after work, or improving mental health.

Hell, there’s even a Tank Mechanic Simulator if you want to get prepared for when the next military flash-point occurs.

Yet, as much as I like shooting big guns, this isn’t the purpose of this article. Rather, it’s the fact that Forza Horizon 4 has kept me sane while waiting to move back to the UK.

If it’s green, I race

The Open Road is Free (On Xbox Game Pass At Least)

First of all – I ride motorbikes – but as all petrolheads know, it really doesn’t matter what you use; the open road caters to all of us.

And yet, where I live now, I’ve lost this feeling; the roads around me are just petty imitations, slowly feeding my despair until I could no longer abide my existence here.

I’d always known I would return to the UK, but riding motorcycles easily had become an addiction long ago…and I needed a fix.

Big lights mean big speed – Bill Nye (not)

Feel-Good Festival

If you’re also a biker & gamer like me, you probably already know we have little in the way of games beyond racing-sims and other strange titles.

Yet, part of why I like riding is the scenery as much as anything else. The Greatest Road in The World is actually pretty rough and bumpy, but the scenery? Unforgettable.

This is important, because I love the UK as a physical place to be, and with the open world of FH4, it was kinda like being halfway there.

And I still like cars; I grew up with Top Gear, after all, so why shouldn’t I get myself a TVR?

Not a TVR by any means

Forza Shows Why We Shouldn’t Be Divided

There was another thing, too, which stood out to the more I played, and it’s that we’re lucky to have such a variety of places to visit.

Having been out of the country for a few years, it really did hit me that every corner of the UK has something to offer, and I know for a fact I’m going to experience as much of that as I can when I get back.

We also have a great heritage across the full spectrum of motorsport, and in a time where the world seems to enjoy dividing itself, let’s at least stay united on this.

Ever onwards to better things

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