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The Rain Doesn’t Bother Me

We’ve all heard it – “Don’t you get wet?”

Which is a weird question, really, because come summertime, sandy coastlines around the world are full of people either dripping in perspiration, or coughing up unwanted seawater as they realise H2O can be a pretty powerful force to reckon with.

But Jon, that isn’t a fair comparison; getting wet on holiday is usually nice (is probably what you’re thinking).

Okay, fair or not, it is a truth of motorcycling. At some point, it is going to rain, and you will be out in it. And yes, it’s understandable that non-bikers don’t know that good gear will keep the water out.

Still, having lived in Eastern Europe for a few years – where I could easily roast in April – I honestly realised that I was never really bothered by the rain in England.

I once rode in a torrent so heavy my old Kwak gave up for the day, but because I had geared-up right, I was still dry enough to survive waiting till midnight for recovery.

So, why do I have a strange enjoyment for weather which, at least according to the stereotypes, is the bane of us motorcyclists?

I think it is because the rain has the power to take us to another place, one where the world becomes quieter and our focus tightens.

Maybe you notice the sounds and colours of a soaking summer day, coming through evermore stronger than before.

Or, perhaps on that horrific night after work, you realise it actually isn’t so bad. Your gear has become a shield, letting you venture into a realm others would avoid.

Now, with petrichor leaking through the tiniest gap in your visor, you reflect on the things you’re riding home to, and with satisfaction amidst the storm, cherish them just a little bit more.


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