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Looking To The Future

So, it has been a few weeks since I published Dawn of Eternity:Arising on Amazon, and I recently have found myself in an interesting place.

I already had the second installment on the rails, with a lot of information taken as notes and a Pinterest board recording visual stimulation.

As I was writing, I found myself feeling the need for motivation, so to speak, and as much as I wanted to keep pushing forwards, something just wasn’t feeling it. So, I allowed this part of myself to speak, and I listened to what it wanted.

Inspiration comes from many things

I always like starting new things (providing they interest me of course, I’m an Aries afterall), but I know that I can’t let this run wild within me; I would never have direction.

As someone who grew up through the 90’s and 00’s, there is a wealth of things that interest and inspire me, and I have always enjoyed science, space and so on.

In my heart I knew what I really wanted, but I had to take a moment and say ‘yes, this is what I am going to do’. So, without feeling bad about it, I decided to put a hold on DoE for now, and allow myself to begin writing a fun, witty, Sci-Fi epic.


It is actually an idea I had already come up with, but only over time (as always seems to be the case) did the pieces truly come together, and I kind of had a eureka moment.

So many things quickly added up, and I was able to very easily create a plausible and exciting story. I know I can write it, but I also know I want to; I want to use a different style and refresh myself in the process.

DoE required a very particular style of writing, and one that I love, but I want to channel an inner something-else; a something which resonates with the joy of a Terry Pratchett novel, amongst other things.

Make it so…

I’ll close this off now, but let it be said that Dawn of Eternity is certainly not ‘done’.

There is simply a calling I wish to answer in the meantime, and hopefully, as I may one day take readers on this journey, I myself will come back further improved as a writer.

Ask yourself, how often do you look to the stars? If you do it now, don’t you just want to see more?


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