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Dawn of Eternity: Arising – Cover Reveal and Published

So it has finally happened… Dawn of Eternity is now finished and published. I can’t recall how many years this has been in the works, but after undergoing some sort of book-alchemy, it is now complete.

Dawn of Eternity: Arising Cover
Inspired by Casper David Friedrich and illustrated by Matthew King – creator of Carrot and Stick.

There is only so much I can put into a post like this without waffling on, but, it is certainly a relief and pleasure to say it is finally done; now the door is open to whatever opportunities lay ahead. 

DoE: Arising is a Fantasy fiction piece which I created through my inspiration of all things Gothic and magickal.

It ultimately tells the tales of many, who must work together to overcome a great evil in the world; one which has painted them as the villains for too long. 

If you would like to purchase a copy and support me, you can do so here on Kindle.

Thank you!

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