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The Route to Self-Publishing

Earlier this year I finished the manuscript for Dawn of Eternity, and aside from editing and formatting, there wasn’t a lot left over that needed to be tidied up.

There was, however, still the question of how all of this would be manifested; how do I bring it to the world, and be successful?

The usual characters

I’ve naturally sent out applications galore to agents and publishers, carefully reviewing their requirements to make sure it was worth my time in first place.

I didn’t get the response I was looking for from this pursuit (aside from some dodgy hybrid offers) and whatever the reason was isn’t really my focus at the moment; I know that might sound ignorant, but bear with me.

DoE is at a point where I don’t feel the need to change it any more, and from the feedback I have received, I am happy that it does not need it. So for me, I feel that this is just the nature of things.

Part of the plan

Very early on in this process, I knew self-publishing was an option, and I had said to myself that if nothing traditional came by at years end, I would go down this route.

Looking at the process, which is currently taking me down the Amazon Kindle route, it actually seems really easy. There was a lot I thought that a person had to do, in this regards, but honestly, the most important thing just seems to the be the formatting.

Of course, I know that this isn’t just a simple point and click affair: if I want this to work, I myself have to work at it. I will have to market and promote my work, by as with all passions, that comes naturally.

Why this excites me

I think we can all agree that it would be a great feeling to work with a big publisher, but what are we supposed to do if that isn’t an option for us?

For me, there is a real reward in the idea of being the sole force behind the success of my book; it becomes a personal endeavour, if it wasn’t already, and requires that you are active in it’s journey.

So, at the moment, I have some great artwork on the horizon, and this is really the last piece to the puzzle.

It has always been a thought of mine to combine beautiful imagery with my work, because it reminds me exactly of how Gothic fiction works as a whole.

What I have, then, is a finished manuscript that just needs a picture to convey it’s story to all who would gaze upon it, to summarise everything that has risen to the occasion, ready to be sent forth into the world.

Dawn of Eternity, finally, is one step away from being a reality. 


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