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A Write Good Opportunity

So today I found out that I was successful in becoming part of team who are starting a project similar to Blinkist.

If the name is new to you as well, the concept is a simple one: render down the contents of book into smaller, more manageable content for people who wish to absorb the lessons, but without the need for a large investment of time.

I certainly see the logic and appeal in this, as for myself, I often have a lot of things I want to do with my time; let alone writing Dawn of Eternity.

This may seem contradictory, given that I need to read the chosen book to actually do this job, but the nature of my main employment leaves me with a lot of down time, meaning I can turn my free time into something worthwhile.

It’s also another source of income, which can help fund all of the things I want and need to do in order to self-publish DoE and more. This is a cycle I really wanted to get going, so eventually things can feed and support themselves.

Not only that, this also marks the first time my writing has transformed into a reward; I can now earn money from it, as well as establish a writing ‘portfolio’.

This is really the big thing for me out of all of this, but as with all good opportunities, it will ultimately depend on me: how much I get out of this is directly to what I put in.


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