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A Breath Before the End

(This was an old piece of work when I was writing lyrics for a band with a friend)

All motivation I have lost;

The very breath of effort

Of which I no longer know,

Was my dying gasp upon the world

The fog before me curls and curds,

As thick as the blood I drink

Within which is the mystery,

And through such I sustain my cindered life

The past is but an epigraph of all I knew,

For what I had attempted;

Is now survived by the consequences,

Of the desire I lost long ago

When the dreams I live are all that’s left

I’m left to wonder if they could be real,

But in this world,

The light of every soul seemingly burns black

Why then, do we exist to pursue

Vague distances,

In which the shore edges on some dank brink,

When all that is true lies far above?

Oh come now on silver wings

Do you save me from this world or myself?

For the Earthly cycle never changes,

And so aspirations forever falter

A breath before the end my friend,

Like the death of a soul in a blink-

Whose life is now recorded,

As I stand master of it all

So now time decays

To its murkiness of wasted past,

And again I disappear into some myth of life

Where the facts are never needed


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