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Submissions are a natural part of getting something published, and I think for some it is probably a daunting prospect; it is quite easy to forget that a professional opinion is different to that of a friend.

I’d have to trawl through my Gmail to take a count of how many I have sent, and though I haven’t received any traditional offers at present, I don’t consider this a bad thing…though with the wrong perspective, it could be taken that way of course.

But, I don’t intend to operate from the wrong perspective, so what does this all mean to me, and how am I moving forward from here?

The state of affairs

I think the point to start with, in relation to my own work, is that I get the impression that the market saturated; something a friend told me, and she was published some years back – saturated for Vampire fiction that is.

And although I haven’t especially researched the market, I don’t intend to either, because Dawn of Eternity is a personal thing and not something I am writing for commercial gain. Feedback for my work has always been consistent, so I am confident in my writing ability too.

This acceptance is partly the reason I am happy to not let myself worry about being turned down: but it also means I should be perfectly content to take the reigns, and that is what I am now doing.

The past is behind us

I found as many agents and publishers as I could, from internet searches to bespoke websites like Writers Digest.

Some would reply with an acknowledgement of their decision, others wouldn’t. I have worked in sales previously and know that this part and parcel; being told ‘no’ isn’t the end.

There will of course come a time when something different should be tried, and this leads me onto the next step in the process of making DoE a reality.

This of course leads to me to self publishing.

Sometimes it’s who you know

I recently met a fellow Englishman here in Bulgaria who has created his own card game, Carrot and Stick, with his partner. He is in question an artist, and I’ve really wanted to get some artwork for a while.

It was on this topic with him, that he put it to me that his sister actually works in editing, and has a passion for books in general.

This, aside from highlighting the importance of going out and meeting people, was also a great opportunity for me, because I now had a trusted source for two elements of my book.

If I could get a professional edit done, throw in some great artwork (his style and ideas are perfectly in tune with my work), then I have really been given a good chance when I don’t have a publishing offer.

All that is being asked of me in return is that I invest my time in the self publishing process and do a good job of it.

Look to the horizon

For me then, this is still a positive outcome.

Yes, I have not received a traditional publisher offer.

But, I instead have the path outlined to me to do this myself.

Like any great project then, personal or not, I can take pride in this and say without a doubt, that I achieved it.


I alone will be responsible for the outcome and whatever comes next. 



2 thoughts on “Submissions”

    1. Don’t worry about it! Just build a solid cover letter and double check for typos before you submit every time. Pay attention to their requirements and don’t feel bad if they say no 🙂


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