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On Halloween

It is often imagined, that on a day like Halloween, we can experience it most ideally with a full moon in the night sky; that foggy, silver night, beset with the howls of things we cannot see, and thoughts of things we’d rather not ever.

But isn’t that just as it should be? And knowing that, isn’t it a little too…safe?

On this night, looking up into the night sky, we see but only half a moon, and if you think on it, it is, in some abstract way, horrifying.

It is the strange and weird which impact us most deeply…the circular Luna, split vertically down the middle.

As one may be in the darkness, part is missing; gone; taken…a disappearance with sinister circumstances.

A whole snake, if placed in front of you, is perfectly normal even if a little frightening for some. But imagine half a snake, with it’s inner secrets revealed, its mortality exposed and shown to be real…the impression of death frozen upon its form.

Is that not more terrifying, knowing not what happened to it?

It is this unknown that is represented by the half moon. The flip of normality that so often scares and drives to anxiety, and when we do not know something for certain, all manner of things can creep into our minds.

On Halloween then, the unknown is brought closest to us; the afterlife we can never know until, well…after.



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