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Frost and Dew

It all began on the path behind my parents’ house;

The one I had walked so many times,

Laced with all the greenery nature could provide,

And forever remembered as if my spouse.


On this occasion, the sun had long since set,

So I saw by the grace of the Luna in full,

Who hung sombre yet proud amidst a nocturnal tune,

And with breadcrumbs of dew ensured my path was beset.


Families of trees branched out all around,

As distant cousins curled up for the night,

It was just I and my mortal warmth,

Hoping something more from life could be found.


I looked ahead, to where the earth had dipped,

And saw it was filled with a frosty blue mist,

That swirled slowly,

And in dances flipped.


Drawing closer, I watched as shapes began to emerge,

Until a Tourmaline goddess, a spirit of nature,

Breathed into life before me,

As my emotions ran from logics verge.


But, alas, as dreams are want to do,

Through my excitement at such beauty,

I awoke to a sad calamity,

With only a memory to point to.


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