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The Gospel of Filth

I’ve been a complete fan of Cradle of Filth for a very long time, and I discussed why here.

So it is only natural I leapt at the opportunity to purchase something limited edition, many years back, and given the current month, feel that it would be appropriate to post some dark, gloomy pictures for your enjoyment.

A tome of a book

The leather bound limited edition looks amazing, and would be perfectly suited on a bloodstained altar if I had one.

I used to read it on study breaks at school, and I wonder now how that must have looked…

The Gospel of Filth
Barely visible, like your soul afterwards…
The Gospel of Filth
Beautiful leather grain, hopefully not human.

Opening the cover, we find…

The Gospel of Filth
Cradle have always used powerful imagery.

Yes, I took these pictures under candle light.

The Gospel of Filth Signed Page
Proof of the limited edition, and signed to boot.

This one is a little lighter…

The Gospel of Filth, Lucifer Rising
The book is full of high quality images, and great for study.
The Gospel of Filth Introduction
A powerful intro, and one of perhaps fate and destiny.
The Gospel of Filth Inside
This is how you should dress when reading.

In close

There’s not much else I want to add, except that if you would like, the standard edition can still be bought.

It’s a great piece, full of information that extends beyond just the band, and will look fantastic on any shelf.

So if you like things that are Gothic and dark, consider it an offering for this Halloween…


“You are in my dreams
The darkness in my eyes
The rapture in my screams
Black Goddess arise”


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