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Carrot and Stick

It’s always good to support others, because as the saying goes:

‘What goes around comes around’

So without further adieu, here is my promotional post for the storytelling card game: Carrot and Stick!

What’s it about?

Carrot and Stick is card game that is based around universal concept of storytelling, and brings with it all of the versatility and creativity you would expect.

Carrot & Stick is a game of storytelling and imagination. It’s quick to set up, easy to learn and super fun to play. It is a living, breathing world and that’s the key – this world can be big or small, cute or cruel, hilarious, adventurous and anything else you like.

This means the game can, and will, play out in numerous ways every time, allowing for crazy combinations that lead to hilarious and unpredictable outcomes.

After all, isn’t variety the spice of life?


How it works

The idea is simple – you move through the world and at every stage you meet a peep, who is stuck on an island and is facing a problem. Using the cards in your hand, tell a story to solve the problem:


My thoughts

I love things of quality, and I can tell immediately that quality is part of C&S, and I’ve met Matthew personally.

It was the art that hooked me. From the first drawings that were introduced I was charmed – the peeps are adorable, the islands are fantastical, and the pictures are hysterical (and cute!). – Girls Play Games

The game reminds me a little of Exploding Kittens, only with the depth of…Skyrim? I could draw a lot of analogies!

These are all praises in my book though, for the game exudes flexibility, fun and freedom.

It also comes in two versions, Naughty and Nice, both of which are available on their Kickstarter.


Go support!

There are 4 great options available to those who back the project, and really shows the range of content and re-playability. I would even suggest that it seems very future proof.






So to finish off, hopefully I will have piqued your interest in this great project. If so, you can find all the relevant links below!


Support Carrot and Stick


Connect on Facebook


Try it online here


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