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Backup Not Setback

I wonder, can you guess the topic here?

It involves avoiding the horrible realisation that all of your hard work has just gone down the drain, and in a way that was totally avoidable.

The truth is bitter, and real

The prompt for the post is a serious one, though fortunately one I avoided:


This is the honest truth, but when I was looking at the update menu, it actually initially failed to install, and that little voice within me was saying leave it.

I guess it’s true that your instincts are right 9/10 times.

But let’s leave windows behind to its calamity, and consider what can be done, to prevent something like this happening to you.

A contingency never hurt anyone

I’ve been writing my own book since I was about 2-ok, maybe 16, but it’s been around for a while. In that time, I’ve had many things saved to many other things, supplemented by paper notes and even some printed documents.

And yet, even though these old things are way below my standard now, they do still hold importance. They are, at their very least, a memory of how far I have come.

Wouldn’t it be sad to lose your memories?

So, here is my system of preventing data loss:

  • Everything is run from Google Drive.

Although I have slowly become turned off of Google, Drive still does a great job. My main folder is within the backup, and I create shortcuts to the documents to my desktop.

This means I never need to open the original file directly, I just double click on the desktop and voila.



  • Notes are used through OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a wonderful application for me as a writer. It is incredibly easy to organise and lay out everything you want to write about.

What is even better, is that by using MS Word, all of my work through this application family is also backed up.

I can access my notes anywhere, any time, within the same app format.

No spoilers here!
  • I backup my backups

There are so many ways to do this, and all of them are easy.

Take MEGA, for example. I have a 50GB account, at no cost, and it takes a few seconds to upload.

OneDrive: things are already partially saved through MS applications, why not just copy them here too?

Email: Send your documents to yourself! Even friends and family, they will always (I hope) be there and quick to access.

Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail…

And so, whilst this wasn’t an article on Gothic imagery, it’s still pretty important.

You take the time to write, think over ideas, discuss them with friends.

Don’t fall victim to something that is easily preventable; sure it’s rare, but having your files deleted?

Think about it. 




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