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Something I learned in a previous job is the important of creating a list. And no, not for the shops.

The argument here is that, without goals and targets in life, we will often not get very far, or at least very quickly.

Setting yourself a target, and breaking it down into steps, is something many (though not all) successful people will probably agree with, if you ask them.

I recently started doing this again, but had always got annoyed with using a notepad.

I wanted to have those lists and goals to hand, without having to take out a physical book or have it with me wherever I go.

For some that might be fine, but with today’s technology, there are plenty of solutions.

So I downloaded Microsoft’s ‘To-Do‘ app and problem solved (I like a lot of the MS products in Android).

But, that’s not just the point I am trying to make.

It’s about a lot more than that, you need to find a rhythm and style that works and captivates your interest.

It’s easier to use colour and style here, than on paper.

I didn’t just want a simple, endless list of tasks. I’ve been there and know I’ll get bored just looking through it.

Solution? I just start each task with the main action, and capitalised.

They stand out, and I can see what the overall thing is. And when organised alphabetically, I can get a rough idea of quantity.

So keep this post short, if you don’t already break down things into tasks, or have never even done so, give it a go.

Bear in mind though, that creating a list isn’t just for simple things.

If you have a big life goal, break that down as well. You will most likely fail if you try to jump from A-Z straight away, but can achieve a lot more with a smart list.

Creating steps lets you become more involved, and creates opportunity to feel satisfaction completion and progress.

In my experience, it will promote conscious ideas and keep something in mind.

After all, everything around us was once a thought, turned into reality through a plan executed with action.

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