The Value Of Merit, And Logic Of Advertising

I was inspired to write this post from a friends post and later comment on Instagram.

Not only did it prompt a considered response from me, as I felt he was doing himself an injustice, but I’ve also worked in sales industries, and by extension have some knowledge of the environment.

He posts some great artwork in his spare time, though on this occasion made reference to his follower count reaching 100.

It only took me 6 months.


“You got a website?” I asked.


Trying to get by with merit rather than paying for advertising but at times it’s pretty bleak…


I totally understand this mindset, at least I feel I do; to be able to find success simply by the quality, or merit, of your work.

And I agree with it – but it cannot be the whole aspect.

He answered his own question (if not essentially asked). It’s bleak, and it’s going to be.

You can paint the worlds best portraits in your room, but unless you show people that quality, unless you let them acknowledge the merit of your work, no one will know.

No one will be able to care.

So, why is this? Why not advertise?

I think it’s due to a perception that is discoloured by society.

In my sales roles past, it was understood that people perceive salespeople as dodgy, sneaky and probably not worth trusting.

And they were once, which is why it’s still kinda valid.

But here’s the catch – advertising is not unique to our society. Advertising is a natural thing.

You did it when you were a baby and hungry. You advertised this fact to your probably tired mother, by screaming incessantly until she either put a bottle or boob to your face.

A flower advertises to the bee: HEY IM *COLOUR* LOOK AT ME VERY TASTY.

A flower.
Pretty, right?


Clearly, advertising is not a bad thing at all.

We shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to promote ourselves.

If we do it in the wrong way, then yes of course, but when genuinely, you’re not forcing anyone.

But consider for the moment, if he had a website, I could link this blog to it.

Anyone reading it could view his work, maybe even purchase it. They could also choose not to as well.

That’s why paying for an advertisement, if you choose to do that, isn’t a bad thing either. It gives people a choice, and opens the door to opportunity for you.

So let me prove my point:

Drawing by Artscrawler
Artist Attribute: Linescrawler

Everyone following the links will show that advertising is good if done properly, and a natural and required part of success.





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