Dawn of Eternity

Book Review: Frankenstein

In Search of Lost Marbles

 Mary Shelley apparently premised this monster novel on a dream she had about a scientist. I’ve got to hand it to her; dream-based fiction is a tough genre to write. I tried it once, and the result was a critically panned three hundred pages about me having a conversation at a theme park with a fat white guy. The twist was that the guy was actually… Daniel Wu! I know, right? For those who don’t know, Daniel Wu was a guy from my high school who was neither fat nor white. He was skinny and Asian. He was a good long-distance runner and in grade ten he went out with Kylie Pope. In hindsight, perhaps monsters do make a more interesting theme.

Frankenstein follows a brilliant young scientist named VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN. After quickly reaching the limits of his field, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN sets his sights on creating life. He…

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