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Primal Allure

Would I be right in assuming that, most of us have at some point in time, longed to be present in an isolated forest or wood?

Perhaps it could be a different part of nature; under a waterfall or an open plain smattered with wildflowers…but you get my point.

Isn’t it strange how we long for something, so instinctively, that we don’t even give reason to it?

Think about a time you went out to such a place, was the reason anything more than just, ‘because I want to’?

Probably not, and it’s almost a need, I would argue.


There is something about these environments that calls to us in a way we cannot express. Words will do no justice, and perhaps only if we were telepathic, could we convey the desire.

So, what are we gaining from this?

I suppose it is unique to the individual, but there will always be that energy of a natural place. The same thing you notice when you visit somewhere old and taken back by nature; something calm exudes from the once dry bricks and man-made structures.


The point I want to make is that, no matter where we are born, and how we live our lives…we still long for these places. Even if just for a moment, we all desire to experience them in some way.

Perhaps this is part of the building blocks of the fantasy genre; worlds that are more in tune with the natural order, where we can explore the natural isolation through words in a way we might struggle to our own lives.

Is it then, possible, that we have true magick within us; that is sadly ignored by the modern world? Something that Nature instilled within as we were born?



Look at the pictures…can you feel it?

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