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Experimenting with Cover Art

I wanted to get the ball rolling, in regards to having an eBook set up, so I can provide this people who are interested in reading.

Maybe even putting it on Amazon, but I need to look into that.

Front Page




I know that cover art is important, but at the moment, I am not looking to pay for this service. I also won’t be using free stock images, because their quality is low, in my opinion, and would not capture the energy of the book.

So what I wanted to capture here, is something that looks clean, simple and of a quality finish. I always liked books published in this style, as they have a mature impression to them. They feel finished, complete, and established.

I would like to add some sort of graphic into the middle, something classic but not too outstanding. Perhaps even some texture to the background colour, a leather effect maybe…





Here I obviously kept the theme the same and provided what I feel is enough information for the reader, without becoming long-winded.

I’ve used the logo to add iconography that people can remember, and also break up the colour.

It then allows me to illustrate feedback so far received.

I do feel that more could go here, though as this is just a first attempt, it’s more about getting the theme and feeling set down.

Let me know your thoughts, do you think it captures the style of a story designed to be mature and elaborate?

Also, if you do cover art and would like to help me out, send me a message!

(Art created on Canva)

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