A Conundrum

I am by nature a spiritual person; as long as I can consciously remember, I have been aware of something beyond.

This naturally makes me open minded, I think, and as such I’ve become aware of many ways to view the world.

It does however leave me in a sticky position, because there are two elements which, from my own experience, are true, and yet seem to contradict.

  1. This is your life, so you should go and get/achieve what you want. Make it happen, because you can.
  2. Everything has its moment in time, and the universe will always give us what we need. Let things happen.

Can you see what I mean?

I agree with both points, and would defend them as having had influence in my life.

However, if I want something, regardless of what it is, I should be able to go and do it.

Yet this doesn’t always seem to be possible, or as we have probably heard, ‘good things come to those who wait’.

Except, they don’t.

The universe will not give you a a job if you just sit and wait at home.

You HAVE to go and make it happen.

So I understand the mechanic as such:

If you want something, make the OPPORTUNITY possible, and only then will it happen when it is meant to.

The only problem with this….is patience.

Let me know your thoughts, do you agree?

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