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A First Book Reading

I recently took Dawn of Eternity into the public eye for the first time at a reading event in Sofia, as previously mentioned.

I knew that it was important to go with no expectations and just go with the flow; as I said later in the interview, the right people will like your work.

But I was pleasantly surprised to get all the positive feedback I did.

The group was small, though I figure that doesn’t really matter, what does is that those present enjoyed the 25 minutes I spent on the mic.

Jon Lees Author

The lighting was also good for a Vampire fiction piece, though the flowers…maybe not next time.

Jon Lees Author

There was also something special about reading your work aloud – it proves that you have gotten somewhere, and that it’s no longer caged as a spare time project.

I guess it is also a little ironic that, both myself and the book benefited from daylight exposure.

All in all, I hope this can be the start to greater success!



Photos by Ivo Kalyonski
Event supported by Creatives Sofia





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