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Gothic Horror – Elements?

One thing I really enjoy and appreciate in Gothic Fiction is the portrayal of horror, often from a spiritual or supernatural perspective.

I could not cry out, although as you may suppose, I was terrified. Its pace was growing faster, and the room rapidly darker and darker, and at length so dark that I could no longer see anything of it but its eyes. I felt it spring lightly on the bed. The two broad eyes approached my face, and suddenly I felt a stinging pain as if two large needles darted, an inch or two apart, deep into my breast. I waked with a scream. – Carmilla; Sheridan Le Fanu.

For me it’s far beyond the blood fests of today creations, as Gothic horror seems to get really into your mind, and not just in that way gory film scenes do. There’s something primal that we can believe, even though it’s just on paper.

I want to add more of this into the second book in the Dawn of Eternity series, as a way of paying homage to the style, but also adding greater depth and feeling.

But, are there any particular elements you enjoy above all? Is there something specific that Gothic Fiction does right?

Let me know your thoughts below.

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