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Character Discussion: The Farothers

The whole world changed…the Farother was just this dark form, some kind of abyss…something evil.

I’ve talked a lot about the characters who are part of the story, but not yet so far about those who oppose them.

In DoE we discover that the concept of good and evil is lie, and has been used as a front by the worldly evil known as the Farothers.

It is little surprise that hardly anything is known about them, even by Morgue who was effectively under their noses. The importance here is that it represents why they seek to do what they’ve set out to; knowledge is power, and they know this.

It’s in front of our eyes

This is a hard post to write, because the Farothers represent a lot more than simply desiring power, although it might initially appear that way.

Their agenda is an old one which can still be seen in the world today; throughout history, knowledge and truth has been covered up by various groups, and it never gets questioned.

I took a lot of inspiration from this and my own experience in life, though my intent isn’t to debase the views of others…rather to challenge what has been going on for a very long time.

Ask yourself, if you covered something up, was it so no one else would know?

Whoever said all Lycans were evil? Are they not victims from something forced upon them?

I want to show the benefit of seeing beyond what we are told is true, when we have no evidence given to us, and I would like to think this a positive experience.

I know you were never true to whatever you were told, Morgue. You and Tanith were quite similar in that respect…

The light in the darkness

I don’t know whether there are many pieces of fiction that portray the traditional, evil creatures of the night, as the total opposite, or at least in the way I intend to.

Now I am not going to just say everything is fine with being a Vampire, and the consequences of this will certainly be addressed in the book and beyond.

Quickly he was inundated with feelings and thoughts that crusaded against each other within him; the taste of the evidence lingering strongly. Was he a villain?

However, it is said that ‘darkness is light turned inside out’, and no, darkness doesn’t mean evil.

This is why it is important to see things from the other perspective; the Vampiric, eternal perspective, for a start.

And don’t forget, the Farothers are including everyone in their grand scheme, people and creatures alike. How often do you hear of Vampires fighting to save mortals, on any kind of  scale?

There is always an end

It is always nice to be asked about what your views are on something, and that is why it is only right we the same chance to our characters.

The Farothers won’t, however.

They will continue in their quest until someone stops them, and at which point, does it really matter who?

Either way, he did not expect to be grabbed by the scaled hand in black, screaming no as it crushed him like a snowberry, the creature emitting a horrific howl as it sucked away his soul as well.

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