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Character Discussion: Dunarys

So, do Vampires really turn into dust?

Not what you think

If you have read the other character discussions (or better, the book), you probably know that Dawn of Eternity contains a diverse range of characters, each with unique stories and backgrounds. Dunarys is no exception, especially when he comes from the other side of the coin, when a lot of popular media portrays Lycans and Vampires as enemies.

DoE doesn’t subscribe to popular media though, and Dunarys is able to deliver to us a fresh and honest insight into a different life; one that may be considered cursed and damned, but why should it be?

After all, who has the right to tell him so?

The way we are; it makes us, and our spirits are complete because of it.

Breaking convention

Dunarys is a great character for me as a writer, and for the story as whole; here is someone who breaks every convention thrown at him and can win you over in the process.

He is the nomad we all have within us, no matter how small; the part that wants to spend a quiet, misty day in the woods, surrounded by nothing by the smell of the earth and rustle of leaves. He is the primal force that never dies and we are always glad to find, when the time requires.

So, for our current group, to find Dunarys pretty much a step ahead of them in some ways, is a great shift in the pace, but also proof of why it is important to put differences aside for something greater.

The path less trodden

Dunarys looked like a man who had waited a very long time to tell a secret to the only one who was meant to hear it.

How often do we go within ourselves to find an answer, or think to mediate on our lives when we have a moment? Klor excluded of course.

For Dunarys, his life was changed without his will, and yet he still took back control. As the phrase goes:

‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’

So for him and those who follow, they are all on a path few appear to have trod before, which in itself is pretty inspiring. Leaders inspire.

All to often we are shown Lycans as pure beasts, and yet we never seem to question it; is that really the case?

In a way, we are witnessing an adventure into the self, something that many modern, and old, spiritual concepts have advocated. Where does this lead to then?

For a Lycan, control and understanding over themselves…the very thing that the Farothers seek to suppress, and something we can all value.

“If they’re anything like you, they’ll find their way,” Morgue remarked…


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