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Character Discussion: Klor

Just as we find proof of this plot, the stars bring us all together at one moment in time, with one purpose.

Magick is forever

Humanity has always had an affinity for the magickal, whether secretly as a result of religious oppression, or openly through the past civilisations and present occultists.

Even people who do not ‘believe’ in such a thing, may still be willing to describe a moment as magickal, which besides the irony, shows that (as Septic Flesh put it) magick loves infinity.

So in Dawn of Eternity, magick is certainly not afraid to show its face, and Klor is often the outlet…though not always in the way you might typically expect.

Open your mind and see

What I wanted to create through Klor was a way to show others that, what appears to be beyond them or mystical, really doesn’t have to be. Sure, I don’t expect people to be placing hexes on doorways (though the Egyptians did similar things), but rather to at least see that magick can be found within the mundane reality.

It is simply a combination of time and an open mind….

A lot of what we consider magick really isn’t, it’s just that society has prohibited it for so long it has become this way. As such, Klor represents humankind free from this bondage; free to ascend in whichever way the person chooses, to find the heavens above them and know.


I know that Klor was initially a much darker character at the start, and with hindsight, he was probably a representation of my view of magick at the time; hidden, secretive and very much occult.

In truth, those things still remain. Knowledge is still very much hidden from the human race, though the modern age is changing this, yet still…I am sure one still feels a need to be secretive about anything not ‘normal’.

But, as with almost everything in DoE, time helped evolve these things, and Klor, like the Kundalini, has sort of ascended from the base to the astral; my darker beginnings have been transmuted into something higher, something more positive-and to everyone’s benefit.

He does then, in effect, represent the magick of Alchemy.


Although typically a quiet character, Klor often brings incredible value to the table very quickly.

…and whereas one could have a conversation, with Klor it was more of an education.

This is important for everyone, not just Morgue who is new to his world; even Vladimir takes much from Klor.

He fits into the puzzle in a very unique way, which allows the story to come from suddenly different perspectives. Klor gives us an insight into what is going on beneath the surface, and because perhaps only he really knows it.

All of this comes back to a very spiritual theme, which is part of Dawn of Eternity’s greater message, that the greatest mysteries lie in the heart of mankind.

Desireth thou to know the deep, hidden secret?
Look in thy heart where the knowledge is bound.
Know that in thee the secret is hidden,
the source of all life and the source of all death.



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