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Character Discussion: Vladimir

In a way, he felt like one of those stars at night; a distant friend who on this occasion had come to Earth.

No darkness without light

I’m sure for many of us, the name Vladimir invokes traditional Vampiric ideas and styles, but as an author I like it; it is a strong name that shines with a unique light, and this exactly who Vladimir is in Dawn of Eternity.

If we go and quickly research it’s meaning on the internet, we get: of great power, ruler of the world, and hand on heart, that is actually the first time I have ever done that.

I guess some things just have a way of being, and manifest in exactly the right way. After all, Vlad was one of the first characters I created in the world of DoE, and that was a long time ago.

The eternal soul

So, who is Vladimir exactly?

I guess, the best way for me to answer that question, is to say that he draws nothing from the classic Vampires of old. If you think that he is my version of Dracula, you would be very wrong indeed.

I knew, in the beginning, I would use the name, but how his character came into being is a little foggy. On one hand, we have a very old (a fair guess) immortal, and one who has been tempered with experience and wisdom; yet on the other hand, we don’t yet know his own personal story.

Every tale needs mystery, hell, I’d wager that even in our own lives we need it, but Vladimir isn’t just a source of it; he is actively pursuing the mysteries of his own, and as such, is shining a light upon those things.

He is a beacon for all those in his world.

“I returned to bring you with me to France, where I aim to unite us all against our common enemy, as that is the only way we can defeat them.”

Life is an experience, death is the review

When Vladimir first meets Tanith, he already knows she is destined for something greater. He is in tune with the signals of the universe, and this puts him above many of those around him.

Does this make him superior? Not really; Vladimir would help anyone who openly and honestly asked for it, though, within reason of course. A Farother would lose their head.

I think it is important to be able to contrast your own characters, not necessarily with deficiencies, but at least in a way we can relate to.

…and now they were alone; Morgue was beginning to sense the incredible soul of the Vampire who was sat next to him.

For Morgue, a man (now Vampire) of his worldly experience, he still cannot deny that of Vladimir, but this doesn’t weaken or debase him. And, for Vladimir, as a character it gives him strength and depth, even though we see that he ultimately still relies on those close to him (a value of life is that it is a shared experience).

“You need not be so protective anymore, Vlad,” interjected Tanith. “Let us help you, for a change.”


Now living in a time where the Farothers are rising up, and Vampires are fracturing over perceived values and purpose, Vladimir does not shy away from difficult situations.

In fact, he probably strives to meet them head on, for he knows the importance of truth and why it must be told; it is the light in the darkness we all seek.

From the very beginning, Vladimir is honest; he doesn’t hide it from Tanith that he is a Vampire, he doesn’t judge Morgue in any way for his past, and I am sure we will see more of his nature in due course.

So, let me ask you, if you knew someone (or perhaps you do) who displayed these qualities, how would you describe them?

What if it was you who met Vladimir that night…

“…I can give you this chance, but I cannot force it upon you; the first step must always be yours,” he said with a peerless strength shining through his eyes.


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