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Character Discussion: Tanith

Tanith found beauty in the land around her and a sense of belief in herself when she was alone; if the stars were watching, she liked to think she could watch them too.

A dream, yet not

Although Dawn of Eternity is written mainly from the perspective of Morgue, it is certainly not like that from a story perspective; there is no lone hero or sole guardian, rather there is a grand puzzle the universe is putting together, and all its pieces are equal.

We see that early in the book, a bond form (or is perhaps, discovered) between Morgue and Tanith, which is quickly tested by the plot igniting upon the world. However, this certainly is no bad thing, because we are talking about two very powerful souls, and in this piece, I will discuss the other half of this entwined destiny; Tanith.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Like much of DoE, the way things were in the beginning is very different to how they are now; Tanith has certainly transformed, though not necessarily in a physical sense. I always knew how she should look…and though, yes, I admit in the beginning this was based on my own personal admirations, it really does go beyond that (and given that I currently live roughly in the region of the globe she resides, her appearance is pretty accurate!)

Tanith isn’t an object, and I firmly believe that despite referring to her beauty within the book, she is never objectified. Instead, you will often see admiration on Morgues part, and many times she is helping him, guiding him. For them it is a partnership; even from the very beginning they were already together…they just didn’t really realise it.

…their eyes meeting like souls born apart across some impassable terrain.

As a male, I think it is very easy for me to create a female character based on aspects I like, but I really try to avoid this.

It is her soul that makes her important, not any physical attribute; the same admiration that Morgue feels, I also feel, for she is to him and me, a Goddess walking, with all the respect she deserves.

Raven haired

Tanith is a person ahead of her time. She is wild with an energy most would shy from, yet outwardly will not show it so easily, though, upon your first meeting, I am sure you would walk away enchanted with a certain zest (if she let you).

Her world is an ironic one, being a Vampire endowed with a cold immortality, yet possessing a soul that burns away anything in its path. It was this very part of her nature that, after all, introduced her to Vladimir, and eventually the life she now lives.

This is one of the most important characteristics she embodies, the representation of free will and power, your own conscious decision in life embodied.

…she stood with a strength he had never before seen. A sense of purpose that came with age despite the lock immortality had her in…

When Morgue meets her for the first time, this is what is impressed upon him, and continues to be throughout the book. Because he has always searched for this ‘purpose’ in his own life, it is something that draws out the great admiration on his part.


To close this one off…

Tanith is a character written out of admiration, not desire, though in the beginning this was different.

What is significant for me is that…time has changed this, it has worked it’s magick and helped me develop someone who takes over the pages, rather than I doing it with them. I don’t even think I have ‘created’ her, I am just telling the story.

I cannot write a sentence that is not a true representation of who she is. Something will just say, ‘Hey…this isn’t Tanith, you gotta change it. Trust in what you know it should be.’

So remember, the next time you read a part involving her, it may just be that she is, in fact, involving you…


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