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My First Public Event

I often say that, sometimes, it’s not what you know, but who.

And on 5th August 2018, this couldn’t be more true, as resulting from contacts made on social media, Dawn of Eternity will get it’s first ever public read.

I’ll be honest, it’s only now that I am really starting to give it some conscious thought; what parts shall I read, shall I rehearse them…what shall I wear?

But coming back to the bigger picture, I realise that this is a great opportunity, but not solely for me. As always, I feel that this is significant for my characters, as it will be down to my ability to portray them, which will create their first impression on those who come.

People won’t be reading my book to themselves; I alone will be responsible for the impact it has.

Life Long Lessons

Something I learned a few years back (though I think I always knew), is that opportunity rarely comes knocking. It will, but only if you give it the chance.

Those chances are down to us to create, we must go into the world and find the avenues to pursue our interest, or convince others of it.

So for me, this isn’t just about reading my book – rather, this is an opportunity presented to me by the universe, having been sharing my blogs and book-related bits, in a group focussed on creativity. Had I not? I think we can safely say I would be unlikely to be attending!

A spiders web would not do it’s job if it was not interconnected, the pages of a book would not stay together if not bound by a common thing (the spine). This is the reason why it is so important we go out into the world, and connect with anyone/anything that may help us in our goal.

Maybe I will meet the publisher I need. Maybe a producer will want to see it in film. All begin as dreams, but the least I can do is provoke the universe with them.

Hopes and Dreams

I do hope that everything goes well.

But, you know…how can I be sure of what is good and bad? Sometimes we actually need to let go of expectations and go with the flow.

The most important thing is that I read with the same passion that I wrote.

I believe in my work and my style of writing; if I remain focused on this, whatever happens can only be the right thing for the moment, and that’s just it; everything has it’s place in time.

We need only be present and willing.

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