Why I Chose the Vampire

We all know Vampires and their dependence on blood, shadow, and perhaps cape. We can quite easily reference some material involving them, be it book, film or even video game. It seems that the Vampire, despite having yet to be proven more than fiction, is truly immortal.

Another question I feel that is never asked, however, is how will we immortalise them?

I Have No Beginning or End, I Simply Am

I am well aware that there is probably a saturation of Vampiric fiction, in all media, but this isn’t something that has bothered me. Hell, I don’t even really think about it.

For me, I think this is because I never chose to write a Vampire novel, per se.

I was born with an attraction to the world of Vampirism, although yes, it can be portrayed in many different guises; the Vampires of Underworld are certainly not those we see in the classic portrayals of Dracula.

To me, this suggests that the Vampire is someone, something, that we impress ourselves upon, and perhaps is maybe even the victim of this. At least, they have become this way – without any real-world evidence to correlate too, they are who we imagine.

So, the question still remains, why did I choose the Vampire? What was it I was attracted to, if others have impressed themselves upon Vampirism before me?

What Was Once Mine, is Now Yours

How often, I wonder, do we forget, or are distracted from, the fact that Vampires were once people. They were once like you and I, for better or for worse, and are now something different.

This means that a Vampire isn’t a ‘thing’, for they are wholly still people. Yet, as an author, I have to create their story, their character. Perhaps, then, this is what I was attracted to; ideals.

But then, I could still do this without Vampires, right?

Yes, very true.

I think then, I must take a moment to think very hard, about what it was that ultimately caused me to write this story.

Without Time There is Nothing

Vampires represent the antithesis to life; undying and nocturnal, living within a darkness people fear to tread. Yet this is ironic to me, and also of great spiritual significance. Let me explain.

Fear is the greatest thing that holds anyone back; just go ask any successful person and I am convinced they will agree. If you are ruled by fear, you do not call the shots.

Vampires, by nature, live within the darkness of the world, and are typically shrouded in fear. Yet, think back to a time you overcame this fear, this darkness about something in your own life, and how much better did you feel afterwards?

There is a spiritual story in this, an alchemical story of turning lead into gold. All of the things in our life that we do not like, or are scared of, can be transmuted into something better.

We ourselves have to journey into this realm of the Vampire within us, this dark place, in order to impress our own light upon it, immortalising ourselves in the process.

For me then, Vampires represent people who have undertaken this journey; they have embraced the reason for life, to ascend into a higher realm through transmutation.

Think about it; if you had all the time in the world, how much better could you become?

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