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Character Discussion: Van Morgue

Morgue had made countless journeys to far-flung places, seeing all manners of people and creatures, and it still surprised him that despite the serenity of the scene, things weren’t always as they seemed.

I am, therefore I shall be

Dawn of Eternity is something that was started a very long time, as I have mentioned in other posts. It was born in a time when I thought, wrote and felt differently, and as such, this has undoubtedly greatly influenced the characters throughout.

Although some things remain the same, set in stone like Excalibur, others have really matured with me over time – part of my soul is within them, and so it only makes sense.

One of these aspects is the characters (the original ones especially), and in this post I will discuss our male main-character, Van Morgue.

Where I Began

I remember watching the film Van Helsing (with Hugh Jackman) many years ago, and then re-watching it further over the years again. There was something about this film that attracted me to it; perhaps the way the Gothic grandeur was portrayed, the lore which was already of interest to me, or just Kate Bekinsale. It’s actually all of that, and then some.

However…in Van Helsing, the Vampires do not ‘win’. They are painted evil, and subject to extermination at the will of the Vatican, and sure enough that is what happens.

I, however, wanted this to be different.

I began to imagine what would change if I was Van Helsing. For one, I certainly wouldn’t work for the Vatican, but that’s another story. Would I join Dracula? Maybe! But I had my own idea of what a Vampire was, and at that point, I felt that there was a story to be told, and one that I wanted to be the one to pen.

With this inspiration, I had my character Van Morgue in mind. Why Morgue? It sounded pretty ironic at the time, but I can’t truly say; like all things that are just meant to be, it came to me and just stuck.

Was he a Van Helsing? Originally, I think yes, and the inspiration is admittedly there…but slowly Morgue came to represent something different; he was something else that became real and tangible in the world of DoE.

Becoming More, Becoming Morgue

When I started in the very beginning writing DoE, I drew very heavily on the story of Van Helsing. I realise that I tried to take the original story and just invert it, and although my intentions were honest, there was no real depth in that.

For one, I hate to be copied, and I certainly didn’t want to just copy something else. Yes, Vampires are not my creation, but I knew in my heart that Dawn of Eternity was different – it was my story – and I knew that Morgue just couldn’t be an alternative Van Helsing. He was, and is, Morgue.

Yes, I started out with a humble beginning, but given the time I actually put off writing, I ironically grew and changed in who I am now. I matured considerably, and what was originally a rose-tainted fantasy of Gothic ideals, became a story I really believed in. The characters matured with me, like little parts of my being, who coerced me with guilt for not writing, not telling their story.

What I learned over this time has become something I embody, the truth of Morgue’s story; challenging what you are told, making your own decision, and taking responsibility for who you are.

None of that is Van Helsing, and that is a good thing.

This is no insignificance…do you see now, Van Morgue, that when you chose to show trust and compassion to Tanith, when you gave her a chance, you opened your own life to those very things and more.


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