The Importance Of A Block (Or Not)

Over time I learned something very important (amongst a lot of things, naturally), but this makes a good topic to write about, and therein lies the irony-and point.

Personally, I dislike the term ‘writer’s block’, though I accept that it is relatable and reasonably accurate in its meaning.

However it’s very general, and too negative for its own good. Or at least, it has the potential to be used that way.

Though, note, I don’t blame authors in general for this; the point I simply want to make is that, if you find yourself at a ‘block’…don’t let anyone tell you, or make you believe that, you have encountered this fated aspect of writing.

It is not true.

Why do I claim this?

Is it not the case, that when you cannot think of what you want, you are at a block?

No. Read my last sentence again…what you want. 

I have learned in these moments, you have to accept a loss of control…because that’s ultimately what is going on. You cannot control the plot, story etc because you have nothing to use at present. So it’s not really a block…just a drought, perhaps?

I always say to people, who feel they are stuck; just write. Anything, anything at all. It doesn’t matter how weird or unrelated…just write!

I say this because it quickly becomes apparent that there is no block, and you can quite easily write something. It might not be related, but if you imagine your favourite watering hole dried up…where would you go? Anywhere but there!

Don’t punish yourself for a lack of ideas. Give yourself a reason to go find new ones. 

There are many times we encounter similar things in all aspects of life, and I think we often forget that we can quite easily wear away the path.

Take a break, let things grow back, and in the meantime you will discover things you can use to plant new seeds, new ideas.

Eventually, you come back to where you left off, feeling almost hydrated with grand new twists and character concoctions. Maybe you will laugh, because now you know it was never as bad as it seemed.

Hell, you could even write about writer’s block.

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