Dawn of Eternity


So I have been living the bachelor lifestyle in Sofia since September ’17, and I’ve had many great opportunities and experiences present themselves. Friends, alco-I mean, walks through the mountains, nights out at the comedy club. Good things.

However, there are always those moments when you are by yourself, and as much as you don’t want to admit it, you feel lonely. Now I think there are various types of loneliness; for some it can be more along the lines of isolation. For other, maybe they simply feel unsociable.

In my case, it was more frustration; perhaps because I am a thinker, someone who is by default existing through a more mental state. And, in those circumstances, you can often feel bundled up – living alone can in some ways take its toll.

So, my way around this was to get a dog. Mans best friend after all!

And no, not a puppy. As much as I love their adorable everything, it just wouldn’t be practical and fair. They need lots of attention which would be impossible when at work.

Instead I visited the local shelter, because Sofia has a bit of a historic problem with strays, through I read recently that it’s much better now at least.

Still, on a very, very wet Sunday, I went with a friend to this place which was in the sticks (ironic…sticks and dogs?).

We left the Taxi and opened the gate, already an involuntary audience to the canine chorus, and met one of the workers with two wet pooches on a walk. As my friend conversed natively, one of them approached me, tail wagging, pink tongue poking out.

I didn’t need any more convincing, but hey.

We walked about six dogs in total, giving them some exercise. Some were cute (always you wonder how they end up here), other wore pretty harsh battle scars.

I returned a few more times after that to show the people there that I was suitable and serious for the dog I had chosen from cage 11. I remember the time I came alone, walking down the gravel path to the shelter, being stalked by a group of strays, one of them pretty ginormous.

One little weasel started nipping me, and I wondered if I had to go Bear Grylls and somehow show them I was boss. I turned around, deciding to give them a chance, and I immediately had a new group of friends (who promptly ran off once I got to the door).


All bark, no bite.
This guy just wanted attention.











I’m not good with waiting for things I really want, so it was a great relief to finally get the approval, knowing no one else would take her (I’m confident she has a good home with me!).

And that’s how I ended up with Tina (named by her previous owner, who had passed away). Not technically a stray, but homeless still.

The best thing of it all?

She was that first dog I met in the pouring rain.

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