Dawn of Eternity

Inspiration in Sound

Dawn of Eternity: A Soundtrack

It’s very easy to list the things that inspire us, and I could certainly make reference to a great many things; perhaps grouping them in such a way to break down the list.

But, let me ask you: if you make a shopping list, do you feel any connection to the products? Can you judge the quality of vegetables from the list itself? No, you cannot. 

So, in order to represent the things that inspire me and Dawn of Eternity, I will use music to do this. Of course, this will still be a list. However, I will break down the music as best I can, and maybe, upon listening, you can experience for yourself the things that drive me.

A Gothic PortraitDani Filth

I have always been a fan of everything Gothic; be it architecture, fashion, atmosphere, and of course fiction. If something is Gothic, it is elaborate. It is full of depth and meaning, and, though often considered dark, some of the greatest things are found when we delve into the unknown.



For me to represent this particular link between DoE and music, I shall reference ‘Nymphetamine Fix’ by Cradle of Filth. 


Now, there are also many, many more songs by Cradle I could put here (and I would, but we would all require time off work). But, Nymphetamine has within its soul something that carries a unique beauty, and it will do so forever more (an immortal song, perhaps).

“Sick and weak from my condition
This lust, a vampyric addiction
To her alone in full submission
None better

CoF manage to make poetry metal, and with it, craft a beautiful rendition of all that is Gothic, and the dark avenues that come with it. Although DoE is not so dystopian in its character relationships, it seeks to embody the dark beauty that we can get a sense of in this song.

Epic Fantasy10448595595_fe1d91eb9e_oedited

As a fiction piece, Dawn of Eternity flys through the realm of imagination, but most importantly of all, it draws on belief. If we believe strongly enough in our ideas (which could be fairly classed as fantasy), there is nothing to say we cannot achieve them. For our heroes, they must believe in what they are fighting for.

“Reach a star, travel so far or find out who you really are
Climb a hill, learn a skill, all of your dreams you can fulfil
Take a dream, make it real, don’t let yourself give in to fear
Come with me you can make it anywhere”

This is from the song Fantasy’ by Stratovarius, and though it is definitely in a different genre to CoF, it is all about the energy the music promotes. It’s a fairly gentle piece, but have a listen, and I guarantee you’ll feel like you could take flight and seize the day.

Poking Fun (With a Stake)20170816_Dinkelsbühl_Summer_Breeze_Powerwolf_0340edited

I don’t always like to be serious, and it’s certainly worth balancing things out with a bit of humour.

“We drink your blood
When the midnight sky is red
We drink your blood
And we call the sanguine saints”

‘We Drink Your Blood’ by Powerwolf, is a song that does exactly that. Now clearly the title fits the theme of DoE, though I like to think the song hides a different meaning.

Delve deeper into the lyrics, and you will see darker religious lines. For me, I like the irony here, because it ultimately reminds us, as in DoE, evil isn’t always what it is said to be.

That’s all, Folks800px-Bierstadt_Albert_Sunset_in_the_Yosemite_Valleyedited

So I’m concluding this article with a wonderful song by Falkenbach, who are apparently a one-man band from the Nordic regions of the globe.

The title of the song is Eweroun, though I’m not going to list lyrics, because for me it’s all about the sound.

Eweroun invokes a sense of primal energy, something that I’m sure we have all felt in the wilderness of Earth. It’s something that plays a large part in DoE; the natural world that our characters spend a lot of time in; a time when technology does not encompass everything, and people are still in touch with the spirit of things.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Love Infernal – Poisonblack
  • The Rune – Tyr
  • Sons Of Winter And Stars – Wintersun
  • Bloodwinter – Wolfchant

Find the full playlist here:

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